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I have been making a lot of changes lately. Starting with getting to know myself better, than addressing my strengths and weaknesses. I definitely know my strengths but have been avoiding making changes in regards to my weaknesses. But since feeling burnt out, resentful, angry, depressed towards the end of last year I knew I had to make some changes. This blog will be about the changes I am making this year and my journey towards those changes. What have I done so far to make changes? Well
1.I have had to make a decision and a promise to myself that I want to be happier 2. I have recognised the three following areas that I need to work on in order to fulfill that goal such as being more assertive, learning to let go and be spontaneous and see the bigger picture. 3. I have decided on the following tools to help me make those changes such as I have started to see a counsellor, I am doing alot of reading in relation to making changes such as myer-Briggs personality, enneagrams, self-help books,affirmations, etc, I am taking care of myself more by trying to get enough sleep, excercise and breaks in between work, I am asking people for what I want and need, I am trying to practice being more assertive, spontaneous and listening to other people's point of view and trying to understand how they see the world. I am engaging in activities that will benefit me such as meditation, pilates, will soon be joining a public speaking course and enhancing leadership skills.

What I have found is that it's a lot of work and I know my life will not change overnight but it's all well worth it.

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